Alliance Solutions

Phase 1: Market Validation

The first step is a concise, fixed price Market Evaluation project, where the Alliance and the company entering the US get to know each other, and the Alliance will perform an analysis of the US market opportunities for the client company and its product.
A program manager will be the point of contact in the Alliance for the client customer.
The Market Evaluation project consists of a “kick-off” session, where the client comes to New England, and presents its company, products and plans to a team of experts, specifically selected based on industry segment and products.
The team outlines what is required to establish the business infrastructure for the company in the US.
After the “kick-off” session, the Alliance team researches the market for the client’s products and determines market fit and product positioning.
Based on joint analysis by the team, the Alliance will issue a Market Evaluation Report that will:

  • Assess Market opportunity
  • Identify competitive threats
  • Highlight regulatory requirements
  • Determine market fit (product functionality vs. market needs)
  • Recommend product positioning and pricing
  • Define high level marketing plan (including marketing communications and PR)
  • Recommend plan for Market Entry and Establishing an Office in the US.

After reviewing the market evaluation report, the client will be able to make a considered decision on how to launch its US Market entry.