Alliance Solutions

Phase 2: Market Entry

When ready to move forward, Launch in US Alliance confers with the client to translate the results of the initial analysis into a concrete action plan. In close coordination with the client, the Alliance will form a virtual team of specialists that will act as the client’s team in the United States to:

  • Define market strategy
  • Determine product positioning
  • Coordinate marketing communications
  • Optimize web sites for the US
  • Plan public relations
  • Find the first partners and customers
  • Locate office space
  • Incorporate a US subsidiary
  • Outsource accounting and tax preparation
  • Establish a banking relationship
  • Recruit US staff
  • etc…

A program manager continues to work closely with the client’s executive management reporting status, discussing issues and adapting plans and composition of the team as conditions or requirements change. This approach minimizes time to market, while reducing the client’s personnel involvement and travel cost.