About Us

Alliance Overview

The US market offers tremendous opportunities for technology companies – but it is a complex place to do business. The Launch in US Alliance was formed to help technology companies successfully expand into the US by providing a ready-made support network that can help them through the process quickly, thus accelerating their time-to-market and improving their chance for success. Alliance members and partners have vast experience helping technology companies establish US operations, and offer all the core services required in one place – including market assessments, sales & marketing, tax & financial, legal, real estate and human resources.
The Alliance is headquartered in Boston – one of the best locations in the US for technology companies. It also has a presence in Zurich, Switzerland.
For each customer, the Alliance will propose a team of Member service providers that best matches their specific needs. The team will be led by an experienced program manager, who will act as focal point for customer communication and is accountable for successful completion of the contracted projects. The composition of the team may change over time, as the needs of the customer will change during the process of establishing a presence in the US.
All Members are based in New England, and are well connected across high tech industries. The Alliance will act as the on-the-ground US team until the time is right to staff up on the US office. At that time we will continue advising, complementing and supporting your US staff, so they are able to focus on core business activities.
To minimize administrative overhead and management complexity for customers, the Alliance will offer its services under one contract and one invoice.